miércoles, 11 de abril de 2018

Chile, Guatemala and Panama work together to protect the rights of NNAPES

The Chilean organization Enmarcha in partnership with Gendarmerie and the Ministry of Social Development of the country, carried out different work days in Panama and Guatemala, with the National Network of Support for Children and Adolescents   (Rednaniap) and Colectivo Artesana. The groups shared their experience in defending the rights of children and adolescents with relatives deprived of their liberty.

According to what was said by Francisca Hidalgo, director of Enmarcha, whose efforts are supported by the Chile Fund, which "seeks to support civil society organizations in Panama and Guatemala that are working in the line of promotion and protection of the rights of children who have a family member deprived of their liberty, also contributing to strengthen alliances between the State and Civil Society”.

Authoritative figures from Guatemala and Panama were present at the event. The website also mentions that this initiative seeks to generate inclusion of the most vulnerable sectors, as well as the elimination of all forms of discrimination, and create greater social justice. Since the reality impacts the children with relatives deprived of freedom violate their rights of childhood.

In addition to this regional activity, Enmarcha carried out the traveling museum Envisibles: Voices of childhood, prison and community. "The museum seeks to raise awareness of the violations of rights that these children live in, a reality that remains invisible to society in general." said Francisca Hidalgo, Executive Director of the NGO, to the Chilean press.

It is worth noting that in Chile there are more than 40,000 children and adolescents with relatives deprived of freedom. About 120 of those children are under the age of two years old, living in detention centers with their mothers.

Reference source: Enmarcha.cl